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Our bodies are the vehicles through which we experience Life.

They can come to a stop or be limited by injury, weakness, inactivity, pain, stiffness, lack of motivation or other circumstances.

Talented, limited or quirky as our bodies may be, we depend on them for the more meaningful pursuits of life like relationships, mental strength, faith and purpose​.​

From Stop To GO Physical Therapy Is Right For You If You Believe...

There should be a straightforward way to heal and return to what you love without ignoring your challenges by using pain medication or jumping to surgeries that could be prevented.

Your family and friends shouldn’t have to wait their turn to get on their road to recovery.

Your doctor would better understand your needs if he came to your home or your work to see what is causing you to struggle.

It should be a requirement that Dr. Bohman teach you how to control your pain, stiffness and ability to play, work and do normal daily activities on your own.

Physical Therapy That Comes To You

Serving The Tooele and Salt Lake Valleys
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Physical Therapy That Comes To You!

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